Learn to Row

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For 2022 we are happy to launch a new schedule for individuals who are eager to learn to row or scull. Learn to row sessions will consist of 4 on the water sessions, either sculling or sweep rowing, over the course of 2 weeks.  In the summer of 2022 Downeast will offer up to four sessions per week for new folks, two sculling and two sweep rowing. Please see the two learn to row/scull schedule here below.

Learn to Row Schedule, repeating every two weeks:

  • Day 1-Session 1: Saturday 7 am
  • Day 2-Session 2: Wednesday 6 am if sculling session, 5 pm for sweep rowing
  • Day 3-Session 3: Saturday 7 am
  • Day 4-Session 4: Wednesday 6 am if sculling session, 5 pm for sweep rowing

We anticipate kicking off Summer 2022 Learn to Row Sessions on Saturday June 18th, depending on demand.

Adult Private Lessons

Private lessons are another great way to learn how to scull in a single. We offer one-on-one instruction for $50/lesson. Each lesson is an hour long.

Please email downeastrowing@gmail.com if you want to attend learn to row in 2022. 

For novices it would be ideal if you could watch these videos before you attend:

And Sculling without sound:

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