Rowers are unassisted by launches on Long Pond.

Scullers must be checked out on the equipment that they will be using, and will need to demonstrate knowledge of the lake and navigation patterns, location of hazards, ability to back the shell to avoid hazards, open water swimming ability and the ability to reenter a capsized shell (aka “the flip test”). Long Pond is a large lake and temperatures can be cold until late in the season. Although rowing equipment is considered an acceptable PFD, scullers may wish to carry a small life vest or belt.

Individuals new to rowing and sculling will be offered instruction through 2 week long Learn to Row sessions (4 lessons over two weeks). After learning basics, demonstrating proficiency and successfully going through a flip-test, novice scullers can make arrangements to row in groups, sculling and remaining within sight of each other. High visibility clothing is recommended. Experienced scullers are required to sign in and out, noting their expected time off the water. There is a logbook at the boat racks. Regular sculling sessions occur on multiple weekday mornings, typically at 6 or 6:30 am and 7 am on Saturdays.

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